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​Proven Cross-Functional Leader Experienced in Program Management,
Product Development, Team Management and Business Consulting

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The Berry Company: Cross Functional Program Manager-Process Improvement Manager

  • Development of a Business Optimization plan; Stabilize; Sustain; Scale.

  • Developed a Billing File process schedule, metrics and management.

  • Established a Program Management methodology; Issues; Schedule; Risk Management.

  • Managed an IT engagement processes to assist in stabilizing the IT environment.

  • Developed a new service model to create an operations organization and specialized Tier2 teams.

  • Provided consultation and planning for major data conversion effort for new Quote to Cash system

Sun Microsystems:  Cross Functional Program Manager

  • A hardware entitlement IT System to protect a $20 million a year revenue business.
  • Developed with Sun Identity Manager {Idm} system and database.
  • Developed data interface requirements to the sales order system and manufacturing systems. 
  • Developed reporting model and methodologies for order backlogs to multiple data warehouses.
  • Developed all system requirements and managed traceability to those requirements.
  • Managed all aspects of the system development, including management of Off-Shore Vendor {Wipro}, IT operations, Product management, Support and Sales operations using Agile methods {VersionOne System}. 
  • Provided full application support and developed support processes. 
  • Maintained WIKI for program information.

Sun Microsystems: Cross Functional Product Launch Manager 

  • Managed all Storage product launches for the storage marketing group and developing business process for sales readiness.

  • Provided product data models for product development, sales order management and manufacturing.

  • Sun Microsystems: Cross Functional Program Manager for the Single Price List (SPL) project. 

  • Provided business process analysis for the Single Price List (SPL) project to transition the legacy StorageTek products to the standard set of classic Sun business processes and applications.

  • This program transitioned 55 products {4 billion dollar program} to one pricelist to enable the sales force, partners, and customers to more easily access and take full advantage of Sun's end-to-end solutions.

  • Developed “Life of a Part Number” data flow model/diagrams to understand all the impacts to IT systems and business processes.

  • Created project plans based on this data flow model to implement the integration.

StorageTek: Cross Functional Test Program Management (PLC) for a Virtual Tape Storage Product

  • Requirements process management for Telelogic DOORS® for end to end product testing. 

  • Provided requirements analysis, feasibility and data models.

  • Developed reporting metrics, methodology and data model for all cross functional test management.

StorageTek: Cross Functional program manager for an Enterprise disk array product releases.

  • Requirement management that included all analysis, tracking and any data mapping for RAID disk management.

  • Accountable to executive sponsors for schedule, budget, and quality of all program elements.

  • Lead high-level sessions for program plan and schedule development.

  • Reviewed and approved project plans for conformance to program strategy and program plan and schedule.

  • Acted as the communications conduit to executive sponsors and program steering committee and conducts periodic briefings/status updates.

  • Escalated decisions to executive sponsors as necessary

  • Managed product releases for hardware and software through manufacturing.

State of Colorado {MNT} Cross Functional Program Manager

  • Provided Broadband implementation management for 64 state counties use of statewide WAN.  

  • Provided marketing and sales support for rural community connectivity including presentations to community leaders.

  • Created the product branding to create a professional looking service model and produced a product & support web site. 

  • Developed the pricing model and product structures for full ATM internet services. 

  • Created all order and service processes including all form development and required data needed for the processes. 

  • Provided all workflow process diagrams and procedural documentation for the CRM business.

  • Produced legislative reporting metrics, data model development and report creation. 

  • Created and designed an Access database to support CRM and reporting metrics.

  • E-Rate consultant and marketing management for over 181 school districts/libraries and became the 2nd largest internet provider for Colorado. 

EC BOCES - Video Network for Educational & Training Services {VNETS} Cross Functional Program Manager 

  • The program was an advanced networking infrastructure {Hybrid Fiber/Microwave Wireless Network} to serve seventeen school districts of the East Central BOCES along east I-70 from Bennett to Burlington in Colorado.
  • Created a program plan that provided IP based Distance Learning opportunities through video-conferencing and high speed internet access with a combined throughput of over 30 Mbps.
  • Engineered the interactive multipoint video conferencing system that has been installed in 17 of the school districts and developed high level network diagram for RFP participants. 
  • Created acronym and logo branding. 
  • Managed RFP development, solicitation and vendor selection processes. 
  • Served as a liaison with the 19 school districts, Colorado State University and Colorado department of transportation to get intergovernmental agreements.  
  • Assisted Director in vendor management and requirements deployment for project. 
  • Provided consulting services for E-rate program compliance. 
  • Developed press kits for project launch.

Colorado Department of Public Health Cross Functional Program Manager

  • USAC Rural Health Care Program Internet grant program for 64 rural clinic health sites to make discounts available to eligible rural health care providers for their monthly Internet service charges to lower the cost to the state. 
  • Provided form consultations and grant process management.

 Various Grant and RFP projects:

  • Project Manager Southwest Colorado Broadband {SWCBB} over $30 million grant for a middle-mile/last mile telecommunications company
  • Project Manager Southwest Colorado Council of Governments {SWCCOG} over 3 million dollar grant for Regional Broadband Infrastructure - Awarded
  • Project Manager Manweiler Telecom Consulting, RFP for Atlanta Public Schools optical network feasibility study – Awarded
  • Project Manager Globalstar Broadband Services, Inc over 30 million dollar grant for satellite broadband for unserved Native Americans