High Tech Gal Consulting


  • Experienced liaison between business owners and technical developers.

  • Track record of delivering complex, high-priority products with proven business value.

  • Experience in IT, Broadband-Fiber, Television, Telecom & Product Operations verticals.

  • Strategic business focused thinker with attention to proven Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Expert in process improvement analysis for IT Agile development processes.

  • Energizing program team leader focused on overcoming issues and challenging status quo.

  • Empowers direct (FTE) reports to achieve their goals with clear performance expectations.

  • National webinar speaker for Cross Functional Program Management (CFPM). 

  • 3X Winner of Quarterly Corporate Excellence Awards in Program Management.


Feature Title

“Kirsten is a very detailed oriented person with clear focus on meeting objectives and goals. During the time that we worked together, the tasks and objectives that were assigned to her were daunting. Her ability to break through barriers and pull people to together to achieve common goals is outstanding. She is a "A" player and her peers believed the same thing. She is a major asset.”

– Manager


“We have all heard about people who somehow mysteriously and consistently are able to juggle multiple balls, add new ones thrown their direction from different angles, and make sure all land in their perfect spot on time and on cue. Kirsten is a master of being able to manage multiple diverse projects, due dates, and work with (sometimes) difficult personalities with a smile and professionalism that is rare in today's business world. Kirsten is a consummate business professional and one I would recommend to anybody looking to get the job done right, on time, and with quality the first time.”

– Client Business Partner

“I had the pleasure of working with Kirsten for several years at Level 3, collaborating on several project teams. Kirsten’s ability to program manage multiple projects was unlike any I have seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. She has strong and broad technical project expertise. She managed and drove global product requirements, developed end-to-end project plans, worked with Product Development, Engineering and other cross-functional teams. Kirsten would be an asset to any team."

– Senior Engineer

“I had the privilege of working with Kirsten on a large project with CenturyLink that encompassed many areas from product definition, marketing, IT, network, operations, and support. Kirsten showcased her excellent Project Management, Product Definition, and communications skills throughout the project. I have no doubt, Kirsten is a great professional that can add value to any team."

– Senior IT Architect

​Proven Cross-Functional Leader Experienced in Program Management,
Product Development, Team Management and Business Consulting

Feature Title

“Kirsten is a conscientious and skilled manager. She listens to all opinions before making a decision, but doesn't get paralyzed by conflicting views. She is rational and methodical, but timely in her management style. Kirsten also easily grasps new technical concepts and works well in technical or high pressure environments.”

– Colleague

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